Best Robot Vacuum of 2024

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In our search to find the most efficient, hassle-free cleaning companions, we tested out this year’s latest robot vacuums in real home conditions. The best models combined brain and brawn – smart mapping with powerful suction to tackle crumb-ridden floors, dusty corners, and sneaky pet hair tumbleweeds. This guide reviews the top-rated robot vacuums of 2024 to help you choose the best one for your home.


iRobot Roomba Combo J9+
iRobot Roomba Combo J9+

Dreame L20 Ultra
Dreame L20 Ultra

Shark AV2501AE
Shark AV2501AE

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra
Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

iRobot Roomba j7+
iRobot Roomba Combo j7+


Sitting at the top spot on our list is ECOVACS’ newest robot vac star – the DEEBOT X2 Omni. Touting dual functionalities as both a stellar automated floor cleaner and roving home security camera, this multi-talented bot aims to be a cut above the rest.

Boasting an impressive 8,000 Pa of suction power and advanced features, this squared-off shape lets it slide flush along baseboards and into corners that rounder models can miss. Onboard dual laser navigation smoothly steers the X2 Omni around furniture legs and other obstacles too, making it one smart mapper. 

But the auto-empty charging base is likely the biggest convenience factor, storing weeks’ worth of dust and debris while also auto-drying the mopping pads after each use. Combined with the massive multi-month dust bag capacity, that means way less time spent emptying out dirt.  

Adding to the unique features, the integrated camera lets you monitor rooms and pets in real-time. Two-way audio through the phone app allows chatting with family members or redirecting rogue pets trying to sneak pre-dinner scraps.  

Mapping and containment preferences do require a bit more upfront prep, with users needing to draw initial boundary lines. But that extra time spent customizing pays off later with more fine-tuned cleaning habits. Just keep in mind that the mop function works best for hard flooring rather than shaggy high-pile rugs.

For well-to-do households seeking an elite unmanned floor sanitation system with smart home benefits built in, the premium price brings premium convenience. Let the DEEBOT X2 Omni take care of tidying floors while you take care of the rest!


  • D shape for better corner and edge cleaning
  • 8,000Pa of suction power
  • Hot-water mop washing
  • Retractable mopping pads


  • Occasionally gets stuck
  • Shorter battery life than predecessor
  • Minimal improvements over T20 Omni

2. iRobot Roomba Combo J9+

Next on the list, we’ve got the new Roomba Combo J9+ from iRobot – a slick 2-in-1 robot vacuum that adds mopping skills to its repertoire. Top billing goes to its genius hot-swap mop system that saves you from ever touching dirty water tanks again. For hands-free cleaning fans, this is a dream machine. 

The streamlined design is always an iRobot specialty, with the Combo J9+ controlled by either a single button or the flexible mobile app. While bulky, its self-emptying Clean Base eliminates weeks of dust and debris buildup between manual emptying. However, the base’s industrial vibe may clash for some home aesthetics.

This puppy brings some serious cleaning chops between its three suction power modes and onboard Carpet Boost to really draw debris from rugs. Dirt Detect sensors actively scan floors and focus cleaning on high-traffic zones where grime loves to gather.  

It navigates admirably as well thanks to its forward-facing camera array identifying and dodging cables, shoes, and other obstacles. Pet owners can have confidence it’ll steer clear of any unpleasant “landmines” too!

The waterless mopping system retracts automatically over carpets and rugs to prevent dampness there. While lacking a self-cleaning base, refreshing the washable reusable pads is simple enough.  

For those seeking to outsource vacuuming and mopping duties to automation, the Combo J9+ is an appealing upgrade. Minor downsides like the industrial design or no auto pad washing barely detract from a convenient, multi-surface cleaning companion.


  • Excellent obstacle avoidance
  • Navigates tight spaces well
  • Base station refills robot’s mop water


  • Lacks Mop Pad Washing
  • Premium Price
  • Loud during operation

3. Dreame L20 Ultra

The next one on our list is Dreame L20 Ultra. Dreametech’s new robot cleaning dynamo, the L20 Ultra, aims to take convenience to the next level for hands-free home tidying. With brains to match its brawn, this all-in-one vac and mop combo stands out from the pack thanks to nifty quality-of-life features paired with serious cleaning muscle. 

Articulating mop arms uniquely extend outward to scrub walls, edges, and kickboards that other bots can miss. The L20 Ultra can also eject dirty pads back at its base station after finishing up, keeping human hands out of the dirty work.  

Onboard AI helps this little maid adjust approaches by room or by detected mess area, learning what needs extra attention over time. Mapping capabilities allow custom no-go zones and cleaning schedules as well, with the app allowing remote monitoring and controls.

Design-wise, an aesthetic yet chunky charging dock stores multiple cleaning sessions’ worth of debris and dirty liquid while powering back up between jobs. Its formidable 7000Pa vacuum suction leaves little crumbs or dust behind, with a large-capacity lithium battery keeping it cleaning efficiently for over an hour and a half.  

It’s not without limitations however – some owners report trickier navigation with close-clearance furniture legs occasionally stubbing this bot. And while usually satisfactory, mopping for extremely stubborn dried-on stains still works best with manual elbow grease.  

But for the high-tech automatic convenience, it provides across sweeping and mopping duties, the L20 Ultra still aims to be a standout splash in home cleaning automation. Let it handle the dull dirty work while you handle kicking back!


  • Easy set up
  • Incredibly thorough clean
  • Very long battery life


  • Very high price
  • Obstacle detection is hit-or-miss
  • The charging base is large

4. Shark AV2501AE

Next up we have the Shark AV2501AE. Shark’s robo vac star, the AV2501AE, brings some serious cleaning hustle and handy high-tech features. With major bumps to battery life and dustbin capacity from past versions, this self-emptying floor tidier aims to be a new MVP for hands-free home upkeep.  

A headline act is the new UltraClean mode, engineered specifically to wrangle embedded pet hair and ground-in debris from carpet fibers. You can also holler cleaning commands to Alexa or Google Assistant thanks to handy built-in voice control support.  

It navigates through your floors utilizing onboard laser mapping and sensors to scope layouts and dodge obstacles. While mostly nimble, it can occasionally get befuddled by chair and table legs in tight spaces. But the robust self-empty base makes up for minor bumps and scrapes.

That base can stash months of debris neatly for later disposal while the vac takes itself back for autocharging. The SharkClean app allows remote start, custom cleaning zones, schedules, and tracking too for max control.  

Performance gets two thumbs up as well, noticeably renewing floors each run with no leftover dust bunnies or lingering debris. The bot effortlessly transitions between bare floors and carpets too thanks to specialized extractors and brushes for each surface type.

For advanced autonomous cleaning capabilities paired with serious suction and smart features, the Shark AV2501AE rings up as well worth the investment. Let it constantly hunt for dust and dirt so you don’t have to!


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Laser-based navigation
  • Large, bagless auto-empty dock


  • Loud
  • Can tend to get stuck
  • App could be improved

5. Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is on our list as well. Roborock’s new S8 Pro Ultra robot vacuum pushes the boundaries of autonomous floor care with ultra-powerful suction, precision mapping, and a self-cleaning dock that empties the bin automatically. This bot doesn’t just clean floors, it deep cleans while needing minimal effort.

The star of the show is the self-empty dock that handles all the dirty work – charging, topping up water, sucking debris from the bin, and even washing and drying the mop. This all-in-one station hides tanks out of sight for clean lines, holds weeks of debris, and keeps odors at bay.  

On board, the S8 Pro Ultra doubles down on sucking with an intense 6000Pa rating to lift deep dirt from carpets and hard floors alike. Spinning rubber brushes adapt speeds to avoid tangles while raising the mop assembly when transitioning between surface types. 

Mapping allows dividing rooms into custom no-go zones and choosing cleaning intensity by area. Alexa and Google voice commands let you skip the app when directing pick-ups.

While tackling any floor type, carpets over half an inch pose a challenge due to the fixed mop mount. But for low to medium pile rugs plus vast hard surfaces, the S8 Pro Ultra’s advanced navigation, vigorous vacuuming, and hassle-free upkeep, it’s an elite cleaning companion. This bot takes floors from messy to spotless in the most hands-off way.


  • 6,000 Pa suction
  • Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance
  • Self-washing, refilling, and hot-air drying mop


  • Very Expensive 
  • Mop cloth mount is not detachable
  • Only empties the dust bin at the end of a job

6. iRobot Roomba Combo j7+

Next up we have the iRobot Roomba Combo j7+. With the Roomba Combo j7+, iRobot finally delivers the elite robotic floor care experience consumers have been craving. Automatically transitioning between vacuuming and mopping modes depending on surface type, this bot tackles mixed flooring with ease – especially tricky high-pile carpets.

Special lift arms automatically raise the attached mop pads whenever carpet is detected, keeping rugs bone dry while simultaneously devouring debris using concentrated suction power. For hard floors, the pads lower to swipe away stuck-on gunk and dirt. Manual mode switching becomes a thing of the past.

Upgraded navigation and mapping abilities also help the j7+ adjust cleaning strategies room by room. On-board sensors and cameras cleanly avoid obstacles while correctly identifying carpets for tailored routine recommendations via the iRobot app. Custom no-go zones keep the bot out of trouble.  

While the smallish mop pads limit wider coverage compared to some competitors, they distribute cleaning solutions evenly when paired with the right floor cleaners. And the self-emptying clean base makes up for it by conveniently holding weeks of debris in a bag you’ll rarely think about.

For households mixing carpet and hard flooring types, iRobot’s advanced Roomba Combo j7+ represents a robotic breakthrough. Homeowners can finally experience effective automated vacuuming and mopping without all the usual fuss. Leaving floors tidy is now as easy as pushing a single button.


  • Vacuums and mops
  • Intelligently avoids items and obstacles
  • Retractable mop prevents carpet wetting


  • Have to refill water tank frequently
  • Mop pad is very small
  • Expensive
  • Scrubs less than some competitors


After putting this year’s robot vacuums through extensive real-world testing, the top models rose above the rest by adeptly navigating rooms, correctly identifying debris types, and delivering a thorough clean time and again. While minor improvements arise each year, the core functions we still value include reliable navigation, strong cleaning power, and intuitive features to minimize our maintenance. The robot vacuums we reviewed as the best of 2024 check off all those boxes and more for the most capable autonomous cleaners yet.