Best Video Doorbell Camera of 2024

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Video doorbells have become a mainstay for keeping an eye on front door activity. We tested this year’s top-rated WiFi video doorbell cameras to help you choose an option balancing performance, features and value. Our hands-on comparisons focused on high-quality video feeds, smart alerts to detect people and packages, and useful integration features.

Eufy Video Doorbell E340
Eufy Video Doorbell E340

Wyze Video Doorbell V2
Wyze Video Doorbell V2

REOLINK Doorbell WiFi Camera
REOLINK Doorbell WiFi Camera

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Google Nest Doorbell (Battery)
Google Nest Doorbell (Battery)

Arlo Essentials Video Doorbell
Arlo Essentials Video Doorbell

1. Eufy Video Doorbell E340

The first one on our list is Eufy E340. Building on its popular S330 predecessor, the Eufy Dual Cam Doorbell E340 enhances the experience with upgraded features and addressed concerns. This wireless, battery-powered doorbell operates independently, storing 2K video on 8GB of internal storage without requiring cloud subscriptions.

A key upgrade is dual-camera capture – snapping both visitors at the door and packages left on the ground. 2K resolution provides sharp, zoomable images to spot faces or text during the day or night. Color night vision and strategically placed lights ensure great footage after dark. 

Personalization options help reduce false alerts – adjustable sensitivity, human detection filtering, and custom motion zones. A unique Delivery Guard feature can voice record activity near packages for added security.

Some limitations remain, like dependence on steady WiFi, rendering the doorbell useless during drops or outages. Google Home integration seems restricted too – potentially disappointing users invested in their ecosystem.

Straightforward app-guided installation places the E340 quickly. Alert delay from motion or ring to phone is impressively minimal, enabling natural two-way communication. 

For reliable home security with comprehensive video coverage, the Eufy Dual Cam Doorbell E340 enhances an already solid product formula. The dual-cam upgrades address the user’s wants for more complete monitoring and personalization in an easy-to-use package.


  • Dual cameras
  • Sharp 2K video
  • No monthly fees


  • Pricey
  • Still no HomeKit or IFTTT support
  • Not the most elegant

2. Wyze Video Doorbell V2

Next up, we have the Wyze doorbell V2. The Wyze Video Doorbell v2 upgrades its predecessor with enhanced features at a budget-friendly cost. A significant resolution bump from 1080p to crisp 2K ensures sharper, more detailed footage for clearly monitoring your doorstep. 

A wider 166.8-degree diagonal field of view stands out, providing expanded surveillance to monitor larger areas around the front door. This wired-only model maintains a reliable constant power source from existing doorbell wiring. It also boasts IP65 weatherproofing to resist dust and water jets.

Support for major smart platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT adds versatility for voice controls and automation. Users enjoy two-way audio, color night vision via a starlight sensor, and motion/sound alerts. A unique voice deterrence feature warns visitors they’re on camera for added security.

Dual storage options provide flexibility – 14 days of free cloud storage offers clips for rings and snapshots for motion. For 24/7 recording, local microSD storage is supported. 

The lack of an included chime is a potential drawback, though existing Wyze Cams can function as doorbell chimes. But note the chime won’t work with the older Video Doorbell v1 model.

With high-res video, expanded field of view, smart integrations, and flexible storage, the Wyze Video Doorbell v2 packs impressive upgrades into a highly affordable package. It’s a compelling budget-friendly option for monitoring your doorstep.


  • Sharp 2K video
  • Local and cloud video storage
  • Very affordable
  • Supports microSD cards


  • Some features require a subscription
  • No HomeKit support
  • Poorly placed microSD card slot

3. REOLINK Doorbell WiFi Camera

The third one on our list is the Reolink Video Doorbell. The Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi adds worthwhile security features to Reolink’s home lineup with sharp 2K video, reliable dual-band Wi-Fi, and convenient smart assistant integration. 

Crisp 2K resolution provides clear visuals to monitor visitors and packages dropped off. Dual-band Wi-Fi ensures a steady connection, while integration with Alexa and Google Assistant enables handy voice controls. Local storage options allow saving 2K footage right on the device.

A standout is the pre-roll feature, which automatically records moments leading up to a doorbell ring or motion trigger. This adds helpful context and boosts the surveillance utility. 

The package comes comprehensively equipped – beyond the doorbell unit, it includes a plug-in chime, mounting hardware, and necessary cables. A PoE version is also available for the same price, pleasing users who prefer that connectivity.

The shared Reolink app makes operation smooth, enabling live streaming, quick replies, and simple playback of recorded clips. 

Downsides include a lack of HomeKit and IFTTT support, limiting some integration options. The setup requires wiring, which could frustrate users without existing doorbell wiring.

For those invested in Reolink’s ecosystem, the Video Doorbell WiFi integrates seamlessly with 2K video, smart features, and an easy-to-use app. The pre-roll addition enhances monitoring utility for their security lineup.


  • Sharp 2K video
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Remote chime included


  • No HomeKit and IFTTT support
  • Setup requires wiring
  • No battery-power option

4. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Next up, we have the Ring Doorbell Pro 2. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 brings premium features to Ring’s lineup in a slick, upscaled package. At 4.4 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches with a satin nickel cover and glossy black camera face, it echoes the aesthetic of the original Pro. The camera captures crisp 1536p HDR video with a comprehensive 150-degree field of view to get head-to-toe views of visitors. 

Video quality excels, providing clear daytime footage of your front porch. A handy 4-second Pre-roll loop shows events leading up to motion triggers for added context. End-to-end encryption also addresses privacy concerns.

Standout features include 3D motion detection and Bird’s Eye View radar technology for accurate alerts and a unique aerial perspective of activity. The aerial map displays visitor paths for enhanced monitoring. Color night vision also reveals more details of nighttime events.  

Smart integrations with Alexa, IFTTT, and more boost versatility, though Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant aren’t supported. Installation remains straightforward but still involves low-voltage wiring that could frustrate novices.

For those seeking cutting-edge smart doorbell tech, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 delivers innovative motion detection and aerial views. The premium features justify the higher pricing for security-focused consumers open to a subscription plan.


  • Sharp video
  • 3D motion detection
  • Aerial Bird’s Eye View
  • Slim design


  • The price
  • Requires wired installation
  •  No Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant support

5. Google Nest Doorbell (Battery)

The Google Nest doorbell is on our list as well. The Nest Doorbell stands out as the epitome of what a video doorbell should offer, setting a new standard for consumers. Available in four neutral tones – Snow, Linen, Ivy, and Ash – it has a clean, minimalist look. The clever design works either wired or with a rechargeable battery, providing flexibility for installation. 

Setting it up is a breeze. The rectangular shape with rounded corners looks modern yet unintimidating. The matte finish blends into your home’s exterior. While it would be nice if removing the device to recharge was simpler, it’s a minor issue.

When it comes to performance, the Nest Doorbell delivers. Video and audio quality are fantastic – sharp and detailed during the day or night. The 3:4 aspect ratio gives you a good view of who is at your door without distorting the image. An especially handy feature is package detection. It can tell not just when a delivery has arrived but also when it’s been picked up, keeping you informed. 

In terms of integration with other smart devices, it connects with Google Assistant-enabled products to start. Support for third-party products would be welcome in the future.  

The companion app, managed in Google Home, provides abundant options for customizing notifications, activity zones, and more. Controls are intuitive without being overly complex.

While very competent overall, a few limitations hold the Nest Doorbell back from being flawless. The 960 x 1280 pixel camera tops out at 30 frames per second – good but not as robust as the wired version it replaces. A narrower 145-degree viewing angle means keeping an eye on larger areas requires thoughtful positioning. And even with the Nest Aware subscription, continuous recording isn’t available, which could be a drawback for some.

At the end of the day, Nest’s battery-powered video doorbell hits far more high notes than low. For most homeowners, it will offer convenience, peace of mind, and seamless integration with other smart home technology.


  • Very sharp video quality
  • Easy to install
  • 4 colors to choose from


  • Above-average price tag
  • No optional chime
  • Relatively narrow field of view

6. Arlo Essentials Video Doorbell

The last one on our list is Arlo Essentials Video Doorbell. The new Arlo Video Doorbell is making a splash as a feature-packed smart doorbell that won’t break the bank. As a trusted name in home security expanding into video doorbells, Arlo leverages its expertise to deliver an impressive product at a competitive price point.

Available in wired and wireless versions, the Arlo Essential Wired stands out for its top-notch 1536 x 1536 video resolution, wide 180-degree viewing angle, and exceptionally clear two-way audio. Thoughtful features include customizable activity zones, smart alerts that differentiate between people, vehicles, pets, and packages, and an alarm that can contact emergency services in one click. 

Two-way talk is a handy feature on the Arlo Doorbell, enabling remote conversations with visitors. For nighttime visibility, infrared LED sensors provide black-and-white night vision footage.  

Installing the wired version is relatively straightforward as long as your existing doorbell is already wired. The Arlo app makes setup smooth sailing and gives you robust controls for customizing notifications and settings later on. One possible drawback is some users noticed a slight lag during real-time video streaming, which could hinder conversations.

A couple of other limitations to note are spotty compatibility with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. And for those wanting a more subtle look, the doorbell’s larger profile at 5 inches tall may be harder to overlook.

On the whole though, it’s hard to find this robust feature set at this price point elsewhere. For budget-focused shoppers unwilling to compromise on video quality and performance, the Arlo Video Doorbell is a leading choice. It brings together value, features, and reliability in one smart package.


  • High-resolution HDR video
  • Good field of view
  • Easy to install


  • A bit pricy
  • Useless without a subscription
  • Bulky design


After conducting extensive hands-on testing, a few video doorbell cameras rose above the rest this year by combining crisp video quality with intelligent motion detection alerts and convenient smart home ecosystem integrations. From keeping watch when you’re out to speaking with visitors at your door, devices like the models highlighted here provide that extra peace of mind without being overly complex or unwieldy for daily use.